Uma Breakdown low key website that is mostly up to date as of March 2021

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I make art and games and write

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keywords: queer horror, art research, the overwhelming sensations of the above, cybernetics, divination, disaster, Ecriture Femenine, non-binary transgender science fiction, Resident Evil fanfic, Felix Guattari rolling around with animals and laughing, a profound longing for death and/or drugs, game art, ahuman gender betrayal, class war.

most things I do are somewhere between the following

There's also a list of most the stuff that I have done that I can remember and am happy to tell you about

Recent and Upcoming things

Things you can buy or visit right now as of when i write this in late February 2021

you can contact me on largegroupofdogs {[AATT]} Gmail [{dottt}]com

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