Wastework plan 1

The artwork is made from a number of elements, how they fit together is mostly defined by the size and context of the space where they are shown

Wastework is an installation from 2019 but haven't shown in real life. It was part of my PhD, existing as a plan and a script, and based around my research into "Reparative Gothic", a nightmare mansion remade to focus on care.

Audio recording.
Stereo, 14:30, played on speakers. Low bitrate demo version is here. I will likely play with this mix a bit and add a second human voice at points and some foly sounds underneath the main computer speech track.

Digital print on 260 GSM mesh, with coresponding projection
Mesh is 400cm x 200cm achored by bungies in the corner of the room, ideally close to the audiowork speakers. Projection is a digital animation 00:04

LCD pannel that plays a subtitle video of the audio recording
Pannel should be positioned low for access. For sync, the audiowork is played from the video showing on this panel

LCD pannel that plays an animation
Animation is video render of this gif

Spot light and card silhouettes of trees on rotating photography turntable throw moving shadows on wall, partially covered with white fabric
Turntable and light should be mounted on a plinth.

Projected animation
The animation uses only the very bottom (or top) of a projection field, ideally it is projected directly onto the wall just under the ceiling, scaled to a fit the length of that wall, or in between architectural features. Gif version is here

Plinth with drawings on top, covered in perspex sheet
Other postions might be more appropriate to show these drawings depeneding on the space, but I would prefer they were horizonal as they are based on tarot cards. The drawings are each 15cm x 15 cm.