• AHRC funded PhD “Becoming Ahuman: making it desirable to abandon certainty, including certainty of the self and play in this chaotic situation”, Northumbria University, Newcastle. 2020
  • MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London. 2008
  • BA Hons (First Class) Fine Art, UEL, London. 2006

Select Residencies/Fellowships:

  • 2021: Net//Work @ Wysing Art Centre
  • 2021: Post-Doom @ Akademie Solitude
  • 2020: Fact Together @ FACT, Liverpool
  • 2017: Crip Theory @ Wysing Art Centre
  • 2016: WorkLeisure @ Abingdon Studios

Select recent publications:

  • “Twyre is pain of the Steppe: death, dying, and the player as writer in Pathologic”. In Revenant Journal (2021 forthcoming).
  •  "Oh_The _Guilt_Puss_3". In Chain/Mail Issue 1; North East. Corridor8 (2020)
  • “As Plain as its Meaningless Name”. In On Care.  MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE (2020).
  • “Widening Circles”. In The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein.  MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE (2019)
  • “Horse Bites Fence”. Arts Council England funded publication co-edited with Rebecca Bligh and Elena Colman (2019)
  • Guage Fanfic”. In The Bodies that Remain. Punctum Books (2018).
  • Axpansion”. In PaperWork Issue 3: Iilwimi lipsing (2018).
  • “Farmer 9”. In Alembic. Res (2018).
  • “Interview”. In Lossy Ecology. Flat Time House (2017).


I am a Gateshead based artist, researcher, writer, and educator with a special interest in queer horror literature and cinema, non-human agency, video games, and Feminist Post-Structuralism. I am disabled and trans* non-binary, using they/they pronouns.

My art practice, writing, and research overlap considerably, as do the forms outputs take, crossing the lines of fiction, theory, lecture, publishing, radio play, performance, games, diagrams, paintings, and video.

I have produced art/writing/research on subjects including; the politics of organic growths in horror television, indie video games as Écriture Trans*féminine, living and loving as a mutant dog in the video game Resident Evil, inhuman queer love and mental illness in Wentworth Miller’s character in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the film Ringu and Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of “Desiring Production”, rural antiquitarian horror in a planet-sized laboratory, and the queer potential of the Games Workshop universe.

From 2011-2016 I was a member of the drone metal ritual art collective AAS, producing installations and performances at sites including Supernormal Festival, Hackney Wicked Festival, Primary, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, The Royal Geographical Society, Gallery North, and Flux Factory New York.

Projects I am currently engaged with include diagrams of corpse use in post-human society for CCA, Glasgow, and a frankly horrible artwork entitled “The Speculative Dismemberment of Leon Kennedy” for a publication being put out by Market Gallery, also in Glasgow.

I have worked as a visiting lecturer at Brighton University, School of The Damned, Northumbria University, Reading University, University of East London, and University of Northampton. I have also run sculpture pathways on Havering College, and Kensington and Chelsea College’s FE programmes.

Throughout 2021 I have been running artist workshops for institutions including Baltic in Gateshead, FACT, Liverpool, Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge, and Southwark Park Gallery in London.

Select recent conference papers and presentations:

  • “Broken Vibes” delivered at Merged Futures 3, Northampton University, (2021)
  • “Gothic Vectors and Gothic Lacuna: Gender, Reparative Love, and Unseen Agency in Tai Shani’s “Phantasmagoregasm”” to be delivered at “Reimagining the Gothic 2020: Bodies and Genders” at University of Sheffield ( 2021, postponed by Covid 19)
  • Bio-film Mansion Theory, or Making as Collaboration with Disorder” delivered at “Interdisciplinary Conversations Around Making”, Newcastle University, (2019).
  • “There is no reason for you to live: ‘No World Dreamers, Sticky Zeitgeist episode 2: Aperitif’ as trans* Écriture Féminine” delivered at “Beyond the Console: Gender and Narrative Games”, London Southbank University, London, (2019).
  • “Smeared into The Environment: Queer Horror and The Ahuman” delivered at “Don't Look: Representations of Horror in the 21st Century Symposium”, University of Edinburgh, (2018).
  • “Coming Soon, From Your Cemetary: Horror / Play / Instability / Desire” delivered at Reading University, (2019)
  • Bio-Film Assemblages and Ahuman Horror” delivered at “Current Research in Speculative Fiction”, University of Liverpool, (2018).
  • “The Revolutionary Praxis of Urban Galls” delivered at “Open Graves Open Minds & Supernatural Cities present: The Urban Weird” University of Hertfordshire, (2018).
  • “Dog-Tech 1” delivered at “CDT Conference, Baltic Gateshead, (2017)

Select recent exhibitions and projects:


Take The Moonlight by The Tail @ Arebyte Gallery, London (video game)

Animal Agency @ 17th Digital Art Festival, Athens. (video game)

Lich Way Party Train @ Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. (video game)

Rhizodome @ (digital group exhibition)

Unfolding Shrines @ Shape Arts, London. (Augmented Reality group exhibition)

Post-Doom @ Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. (video game and interview)


Dungeons & Disaster @ NewBridgeProject, Newcastle. (digital toolkit)

Animal Agency @ Fact, Liverpool. (video game and interview)

All Flesh is Grass @ Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga. (group exhibition and RPG)


Polymorph Other @ Queens Hall Arts Centre, Hexham. (group exhibition)


The river flowed down the waterfall without bringing any profit @ Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent (group exhibition)

The Keepers Diary (audio) @ Dublin Digital Radio. (radio play)

Paperworks @ SERF, Leeds. (remote performance)

Sex and Other States @ South Kiosk, London. (remote performance and group exhibition)

Polymorph Other @ IMT Gallery, London. (group exhibition)

Its Origins are Indeterminate @ The Whitechapel Gallery, London. (performance)

The Inhuman Ecstacy of Toxic Waste @ (online commission)


Creature of Havoc @ SERF, Leeds. (solo exhibition and performance)

Janusware: Cycle 2 @ Res. London. (group exhibition)

Janusware: Cycle 1 @ Res. London. (solo exhibition and performance)

The Keeper’s Diary (Audio) @ Heretics #12, Rádio Quântica (radio play)


Green Fuzz @ Xero, Kline & Coma, London. (two person exhibition w/ Alfie Strong)

The Heartbeat of Kong @ Royal Geographical Society, London (AAS performance)

Farming The Young @ IMT Gallery, London (AAS performance)

Holey Space @ Reading University (AAS performance)

(It's All) Tropical Presents Blind Date @ The Royal Standard, Liverpool. (performance)

The Dying Midwest of Thulsa Doom @ Chisenhale Studios, London. (performance)


Young Castle of the Elder Sun @ Flux Factory, New York & Gallery North, Newcastle (AAS performance)